L.I.F.E Apparel was founded in Norfolk, Virginia on October 29th 2016 by Navy veteran Brandon M. Milam and active duty member Brandon D. Smith. The word L.I.F.E is an acronym meaning Loyalty Is Forever Embedded. Our mission is to inspire, motivate, and unite people through our products. Our core values are Loyalty, Service, and Commitment to making a difference. We want our customers to feel a connection with not only us the owners but among each other as well, that's why we combined our dreams and talents to create a brand that is bigger than fashion. We want to not only look good but do good as well. The L.I.F.E brand is a family and we would love to have you apart of it!

Comments, Concerns Or Customs?

Email- loyalyisforever1016@gmail.com

Phone- 302-898-3055